2013 is the year of versatile kitchen design. No matter what your theme or budget may be, you can easily create the kitchen of your dreams. Moving into the New Year, there are a few design updates to keep in mind in order to stay on trend. It’s important to remember to mix trendy and classic pieces to maintain the versatility of your custom Calgary home‘s kitchen design.

Add Some Colour

The first trend is colourful cabinets. Although it might seem drastic to paint all of your cabinets in a bold colour, simply going for grey cabinets can bring your kitchen up-to-date. If you want to keep your cabinets a more neutral colour, a light shade of grey is the best way to go. However, if you want a more drastic change, make use of darker shades such as smoky indigo or purple-grey.

The Right Countertop 

The next trend lies in your countertops. Many people are looking for durability as well as style in their countertop material. A great option to achieve this is by using Quartzite. This stone is more durable than granite as well as having the look of marble. Another countertop trend this year is granite in a leathered finish, which is great for minimizing the look of scratches.

Calgary counter tops

See the Light

The best area to make a major impact is in your lighting fixtures. 2013 will see a rise in statement lighting featuring a mix of finishes and creative shapes. Your lighting fixtures can act as an art piece within your kitchen. Look for fixtures with a geometric pattern in a finish that works with the overall theme of your kitchen.

By incorporating a few simple pieces into your kitchen, you can design a beautiful space that is on-trend as well as versatile. When you’re looking for versatile design from the beginning of construction, Loreck Homes is here to help you bring your ideal kitchen to life.

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