Airdrie Communities


Live On The Outskirts Of The Big City


Located on the sprawling Alberta prairie, the City of Airdrie is full of urban amenities, and opportunities for everyone. Airdrie communities place an emphatic value on communication, as well as collaborative relationships. This makes this Albertan community an ideal place to build your dream custom home, raise a family, and become part of a tight-knit community. Happily being a part of the Airdrie home builders community, Loreck loves Airdrie!

The City of Airdrie serves approximately 62,000 citizens who consistently express high satisfaction with the quality of life, and delivery of City services.

Airdrie is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, and located just 10 minutes north of Calgary. Airdrie offers a small town lifestyle with big city amenities. These amenities include a Public Library, great Health Care facilities, twin ice surfaces, as well as a gymnastics club. The first phase of Genesis Place houses six pools, a water slide, gymnasiums, and a fitness centre. Woodside Golf Course is within city limits, Bert Church Theatre offers live professional and amateur productions. Annual events such as the Pro Rodeo, and the Festival of Lights at Christmas bring residents together building a sense of community.

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All primary services locally available, including:

911 (Medical Service)

Daily Newspaper Publications

Full Time Firefighers

Mail Delivery to Neighbourhood Canada Post Stations

Modern Hospital and Health Care Facilities

Waste Collection Pickup Services and Recyling Centre