Buying a brand new home is exciting! One of the best things about it is that you get to decide on the features and finishing touches that go into your new home. Although it’s exciting, some decisions can be overwhelming and stressful. Here are some tips to help you choose which features will make your home unique.

1. When you purchase a new home, it will come complete with a range of standard features and finishes. The first step is to determine:

-What standard features are included in the basic price of the home,

-How many standard choices the builder offers, and

-Which upgrades and extras are available.

2. In order to identify which features are right for you, consider your needs and match your selections with your lifestyle (i.e. white tile may not be ideal if you have children). It is also important to make sure your choices match your current furniture. However, don’t develop your design based around things like the colour of your existing towels when choosing bathroom tile or countertops. To make the decision making process easier, ask yourself questions such as:  

-Do you like a formal or casual look?

-Do you work from home? Will you need special accommodations for a home office?

-Do you have children?

-Do you love to cook? Do you entertain frequently?

-Do you want to invest to improve energy efficiency of your home? Are you interested in “green” (environmentally-friendly) products?

-Do you have any pets?

3. The next step is to create your dream home checklist. Determine which options are must haves and which ones you can live without. Visit the Design Centre before your appointment to help you gather inspiration, and build a scrapbook that you can bring to your Design Centre appointment to help you communicate your personal style to your Design Consultant. Being prepared for your appointment will make the process much easier.

4. Call in a designer. The person running your design appointment might not necessarily be a professional interior designer.  Hiring an interior designer for a couple of hours will be well worth the expense.  They will be able to point out things that you may have overlooked and provide their professional expertise.

5. You’re ready to go! By being prepared with previous steps, the decision-making process should be easy and stress free.

Are you ready to start building your new home? Visit our Airdrie show home today and make your dream home a reality!