Sometimes small spaces in our home can seem dark and ominous. Increasing the natural light in your home will not only save electricity, but will also make you feel better physically and psychologically. Natural light can be associated with an improved mood, and heightened concentration, and productivity levels. The following tips will provide you with practical ways to enhance the natural light in your home and to create bright and luminous spaces that you never thought you had.

  1. Use mirrors to your advantage

Mirrors go a long way when it comes to increasing the amount of natural light in your home. Placing a mirror on a wall bordering a window, will imitate the window and make it seem like you actually have more windows on that wall, increasing the natural light in that specific room. By placing a mirror opposite a window, the mirror will reflect the views and the natural light from the window, making the space feel more open and inviting.

  1. Make sure you let the light in

When choosing window treatments, avoid selecting heavy, light blocking materials and instead look for semitransparent window treatments. Doing so will allow light into the space without compromising your privacy and will bounce light onto the wall adjacent to the window increasing the amount of natural light that is entering your space. 


  1. Colour matters

If the colour of your walls is dark, make sure you choose a slightly lighter color to paint your ceiling. Typically, matte is a good choice for reflecting light. In most cases, using a lighter colour palette can increase the reflection of natural light, making your space brighter without having to use artificial light.


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  1. Keep it fresh

Cleaning can make a big difference for enhancing natural light in your home. Keeping light fixtures, light bulbs and windows clean will allow the light that is beaming through to be as bright as possible. Trim any hedges or trees that might be obstructing the light from coming in and keep your windowsills clutter-free!

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