Living in Strathmore – More Than Small Town Charm

Updated: February 8th 2019

Wide open spaces isn’t just a great country song, the Dixie Chicks were definitely onto something. The hustle and bustle of Calgary is great for city dwellers, but a little more peace and quiet is ideal for the growing family. For the people who like an open sky and space to think, living in Strathmore is a great fit.

There’s probably a lot you don’t know about living in Strathmore, so hold onto your belts because you’re about to acquire some insight that will get your wheels turning for a new adventure.

What’s So Great About Living in Strathmore?

This might be a question you’re asking yourself right at this very moment. Many people rave about the benefits of living in a developed town like Strathmore; you get the small town feel with the features of a city. Living in Strathmore gives locals access to many of the same facilities that the city does, but without the heavy traffic and crowds such as:

  • The Aquatic Centre, offering affordable pricing for lessons, drops ins, and fitness classes
  • A Family Centre to keep your love of sports going all winter long
  • A Curling Centre, because what is a good Canadian town without a curling centre?
  • A Senior’s Centre to encourage seniors to keep active in the community
  • The Strathmore Golf & Country Club
  • Over 50 km of pathways and parks for the whole family to enjoy
Although your commute to the city may be unappealing, it’s the perfect time to decompress after a long day at work. Besides, wouldn’t you rather actually drive for an hour rather than crawl through that rush hour traffic? Not to mention how bad it is for your vehicle to be braking and hitting the gas every few feet.

Living in Strathmore is great not only because of its strong sense of community, but because of its proximity to everything you need. Your daily locations such as: coffee shops, grocery stores, markets, schools, the list goes on, just got a lot closer – and much less crowded!

Why Build In Strathmore?

Strathmore’s affordable housing is great for aspiring home owners and with Loreck, the dream of building your own home is more affordable and attainable than ever. House hunting is exhausting, instead of using your energy to search for a home that’s been lived in by who knows who, you can build a brand new home just for you.

There are lots of benefits to building a new home; for one, saving energy with new appliances rather than taking on the load of an older home’s energy bills is a big one. But an aspect that is appealing to everyone is that a new home is yours – only yours. You pick the floor plan, you pick the colours, it’s a custom design entirely for you.

So think about this: What does your future lifestyle need?

  1. Do you need room for your pet to run around?
  2. Are you expecting to have children?
  3. Will you need schools nearby?
  4. Is safety a contributing factor?
  5. What kind of neighbourhood do you want to live in?

Living in Strathmore is ideal for many people looking to settle down and enjoy the quieter side of life. The friendly community, amenities and wide open spaces makes this small town an appealing alternative to busy city life. One last question… are you ready for your next adventure?

Interested In Strathmore?

Is Strathmore your dream community? We would love to speak with you about your options! Set up a consultation and get the full experience of our custom homes.