With the new Canadian mortgage rules in place, purchasing a home just got a little more difficult. Take a deep breath, building your own home is still attainable. If you can’t stop thinking about that big backyard, or custom home you want to start building, a small town like Strathmore could be the place for you.

Many First Time Home Buyers struggle to decide on a location to purchase their first homes. If you have lived in the city your whole life, these benefits might be interesting to you. If you’re familiar with living in a smaller community, this will serve as a reminder of what you already know. Either way, there are benefits to both city, and small town living.

We know that city life is exciting. Being in a city centre is appealing for many young adults, but for First Time Home Buyers who are looking for a permanent residence where they can grow a family, looking into something a little quieter is a great option.

Benefits of Living in a Small Town: What You Already Know


1. Friendly neighbourhoods
2. Lots of community involvement / community events
3. Family oriented lifestyle
4. Lower crime rates
5. Shorter commutes and less traffic
6. Traditional values


What you need to be reminded of:


1. Building a home in a small town means that you have control. You can customize your home to fit your needs on a property that appeals to your lifestyle. Small town living means more space for your home, and your family. Being able to build your own home and customizing it is the icing on the cake.

2. More bang for your buck. Let’s face it – city living is cramped. The cookie cutter houses that are almost on top of each other could drive anyone insane. Suburbia and smaller communities have more to offer, like more square footage and larger private yard space. The extra rooms, basement and garage will have more room to stretch out, giving you more storage and space for your family.

3. Higher quality of living. Not only does your home life open up with fresh air and more space, but the general sense of community is unlike anywhere in the city.
4. Lower costs. Owning your own home is more costly now with the new mortgage rates in place, but lucky for you living in a small town is already more affordable than the big city.


    It’s all about your lifestyle. The city is beautiful in all its crazy traffic, lights, people and amenities, and for many home buyers that’s exactly where they want to be. For slower paced living with open skies, lots of space and custom homes, a smaller community like Strathmore should definitely be on your list of locations to check out.


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