Supporting Strathmore’s Not-For-Profit Community 

As we spend more time building in the Strathmore community, we become more and more attached to this great town. From its friendly residents to the beautiful scenery, Strathmore is the perfect spot to settle down, or to retire. Though the town is small, the hearts of its residents are huge. The Town Council is implementing a couple of programs that will enhance the community. If you crave a life where your community supports and nurtures both a high quality of life, and small businesses success, then Strathmore is a great place to explore.

The Town of Strathmore has implemented a program called the Community Investment Fund (CIF). This fund is made for not-for-profit businesses in order to further support the thriving Strathmore community. The goal is to nurture the artistic, cultural, sporting, and recreational scenes of the town to increase the quality of life for all residents.

With this new program, the Town of Strathmore is furthering its reputation as a safe and community oriented town. For those who are looking for a tight-knit and caring community to live in, Strathmore is the perfect fit for you. Learn more about the Community Investment Fund.

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, the Town Council of Strathmore has passed a borrowing bylaw in order to invest in the future of the town. This capital improvement program is set to improve the quality of life in Strathmore by creating jobs, and improving public facilities. This investment holds 4 main aspects that will be implemented: a revitalization of the downtown core, the enhancement of public parks, upgrades to the public facilities around town, and developing the municipal office.

Here are some of the features of the plan:* 

– The downtown revitalization will include the construction and implementation of street furniture, and it will get a facelift with some landscaping.

– Energy efficient lighting, and playground upgrades will be placed in Gray’s, Lambert, and Kinsmen Parks.

– Facilities such as the Aquatic Centre will be improved with mobility access, a steam room, and a sauna to further meet the needs of residents.

– Both an exterior and interior renovation will be completed on the Lambert Centre.

– The town has outgrown its existing office space, older buildings are overcrowded, therefore health and safety issues have arisen. This is why a new facility is proposed in order to create a more efficient workspace, and allow for more convenient public service.

With these changes, the Strathmore quality of life will be further enhanced. Now is the time to start thinking about your desired lifestyle. The Strathmore community is perfect for the growing family due to its great recreational facilities, and growing community. Strathmore is also ideal for those who are retiring due to the many accessible facilities and activities. Take advantage of this budding community – explore our communities.

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*To view the full capital improvement plan, please visit Strathmore’s Official Town Website.